Nine soundsculptures are installed in the city, a public space or an inside space.
The sculptures are instruments where we can compose with, play together, interacting with the surroundings.

"Fujinn at the Scarabaeus theater"

In a concert for a big audience or workshops for small groups (musicians, children,…), there are a lot of possibilities.
The visual and musical aspects of the the instruments are great storytellers.

"We summon you to join this new adventure!"


Concept and creation of Fujinn: Philippe Cap

Artistic and technical support of Daniel Feltgen and Christophe Levie

Musicians 2018: Everton Firmeza, Renata Kambarova, Falk Schrauwen, Marcos Della Rocha

Musical collaboration since 2015:
Philippe Cap, Frank Geeraert, Charlène Donabedian, Everton Rodrigues, Sylvain Boisvert, Aymeric Péalat, Falk Schrauwen, Iënad Friedman
Mina Kanto, Basile Dethier, Christophe Levie

Artistic direction and production:
asbl amadeo productions, Pierre Beauvois

Artistic activities around Fujinn are taken care of by Musiques Mosaïques (fr) and Kamo (nl)

Fujinn is a project of amadeo kollectif (asbl amadeo productions / Musiques Mosaïques / Kamo)

Words of a coach

Baudouin de Jaer

Inventors exist in this world, a world where their propositions are whether accepted or not.
FUJINN is part of these researchers, where they position themselves to find their true nature.

"Baudouin de Jaer"

The alchemy of experimenting"

In order to generate new input Baudouin de Jaer proposed to invite DODEKA ensemble during their residency in Scarabaeus theater.

The ensemble gave their version of a fragment of Steve Reich on the FUJINN instruments. After that they invited the FUJINN musicians to interpret “in C” of Terry Riley.

The musicians

A little biography

EVERTON FIRMEZA is a bassist and composer who has always had experimentalism as his trademark. He has already presented all over Brazil and also in Argentina, in Belgium, France, Holland and Cuba. If in Brazil or outside, his music always praise his country and the Musical, Artistic and Cultural richness, as a way to give great value to its traditions and to consolidate its reputation as a important cultural reference in world’s contemporary multifaceted scenario.


FALK SCHRAUWEN is a young musician, percussionist born in Brussels. Growing up in a multicultural society gave him a basis in different styles of music. During his studies at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, he got passionated about latin culture and
music. Traveling to Bahia and Pernambuco and Benin allowed him a further understanding of the Afro-Brazilian percussion. As a multi-percussionist, his purpose is to give colour to any musical style with a personal touch.


RENATA KAMBAROVA was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She began to study music at the age of six. In 1999 she moved to Belgium.
She obtained her Master’s degree cum laude in Brussels Conservatory in 2015. She has also studied in Fontys Hogescholen voor de Kunst in Tilburg. She is regularily following masterclasses of internationnaly renowned flutists like Gaby Pas-Van Riet, Emily Beynon, Ana Garzuly and Wilbert Hazelzet.
Renata is member of different ensembles, like the contemporary collectives Dódeka and Fractales, duet Linfa with the pianist Isis Larrère and, since recently, with the guitarist
Catherine Struys.


MARCOS DELLA ROCHA is a drummer and percussionist from São Paulo, Brazil. He started playing afro-brazilian percussion and drums at the age of 10. After studying Classical Percussion at UNICAMP state University, his interest for jazz and improvised music started to grow. As a professional performer in several international projects, Marcos is currently graduating at the Conservatory of Ghent, under the orientation of Toon van

Philippe Cap and amadeo productions

a co-creation

Moved by the love of music, Philippe Cap has travelled the world in search of different sonorities and original processes. Southeast Asia is his predilection. He lived there permanently between 1984 and 1999 and returns regularly since then.

He plays different traditional instruments: the Indian bansuri, the Japanese shakkuashi, the Arabic ney, the Lao khene ... This encounters with musical instrument makers initiated him to an expertise unknown to us in the West. These meetings stimulate him in his passion and serve him as inspiration in his musical instrument making. Philippe Cap is one of the greatest Belgian artists in his field. The instrument-making offers endless possibilities, which he explores every day.

"Philippe Cap sings with the Mongolian overtone technique"

Amadeo productions has been producing sound installations since the year 2000, with the collaboration of various luthiers, artists and technicians. By proposing Philippe to collaborate in the framework of the Fujinn project, we are opening an unexplored path between music and visual arts. It is a path, an experience, where high-level musicians meet and the public will discover the installation in a park, on a public square, in a Festival or in a theater.
This experimental artistic project doubles as an educational project. Let’s explore the place of arts in the city, in relation to people, their imagination, their talents. You do not have to be a musician to play, interact, improvise from the Fujinn installation. Also, the installation is used as a starting point for artistic awakening workshops with different audiences, at our concert venues or at school, for example.